In 2020, we witnessed one of the greatest attacks on our freedom. COVID-19 (that defiantly didn't leak from a lab) hit America, sending America into panic. I admit, I was scared at first, but then we got the facts about this. Our politicians noticed the fear of American citizens and used that to seize power. They locked us down, sending people into poverty, crushing small businesses but allowing big corporations like Amazon to grow. They gave more power to the bureaucracy. Not only that, but Big Tech SILENCED anyone who was against the narrative. 

That all changed when George Floyd died in a horrible police encounter. That's when we were allowed to leave, but only if we were burning things in the name of "racial justice." We watched our major cities be destroyed. That's when I had enough.


I started my podcast, The Youth Of The Nation, to discuss daily news and politics. I started it in September of 2020 when I was 13 years old. Almost a year later we are 100 episodes in, we have had dozens of awesome guests. We have a live show Monday - Thursday at 7pm EST on YouTube and this episode. We make politics fun, with fun sketches, games, etc we break the daily news. Not only do we do that, but we are one of the few shows on the web who shows ALL of our sources. We do investigative journalism like calling gun shops to learn about gun laws. 

The Patriotic Youth is a Conservative News and Media company. Between our podcasts and our multiple authors we bring you news, opinion and entertainment.