102. Debunking Lori Lightfoot's ABSURD Gun Law Claims

Today we debunks Lori Lightfoot's ABSURD claim about guns. We discuss why their is so much crime in Chicago and why she is such a terrible mayor. Also we discuss the Stanley Cup Finals, and how Canada is a country of sore losers. Also we discuss woke virtue signalling companies and Netflix's new show "Sexy Beasts." Also join us as we take the 16 Personalities test.

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Sources for Stories:

Montreal Canadians VS Tampa Bay Lightning

  • The Montreal Canadians have most Stanley cup wins since 1915 (Statista)

  • Canada has not one the Stanley cup since 1993 (Sportscasting)

  • Last time a Canadian team went to the Stanley Cup was in 2011. Vancouver played Boston and lost, so Vancouver rioted. (Victoria News)

  • That’s not the only time Canada has rioted over a hockey game. In 2014 Vancouver rioted because of a Canucks loss (CBC)

Debunking Lori Lightfoot's ABSURD Gun Law Claims

  • Over 4th Of July weekend 100 people were shot and 18 homicides have been reported (Associated Press)

  • The Interview With Lori Lightfoot (WTTW)

  • The National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) bans Military artillery (mortars, explosives, etc.) (Yahoo News)

  • You cannot buy an M-16, the basic military rifle. (The High Road)

  • You need an FFL license to buy a Automatic Weapon, which means not EVERYONE can get an automatic weapon (Rocketffl.com)

  • It takes a YEAR to get an automatic legally (Boise State Public Radio)

  • You have to get approval from the Federal Government to buy a fully automatic weapon (The Range 702)

  • You have to give a background check to sell a firearm (Everytown)

  • The Brady Handgun laws make it illegal to sell a firearm to anyone who is mentally ill, has domestic violence misdemeanors or is a convicted felon (findlaw.com and atf.gov)

  • You have to be a resident of Indiana to buy a gun in Indiana legally (zxguns.com)

  • Lori Lightfoot tried to Defund the Police. She was gonna cut $80M from the Chicago PD (Injustice Watch)

  • Violent Crime Rate is 9.48% (Neighborhood Scout)

  • The Property Crime Rate is 30.28% (Neighborhood Scout)

Woke Virtue Signalling Ads

  • Tons of Companies changed their logo for Pride Month (Fortune)

  • The Woke MasterCard Ad (YouTube)

The CRINGIEST New Show Trailer EVER

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