103. Republicans Are NOT The Ones Defunding The Police

Today we debunk the claim from Jen Psaki and other Democrats claim that Republican's are the "party of defund the police." Also joe Biden wants to go door to door to get you vaccinated, Puff Daddy makes one of the stupidest motivational videos ever. Trump is suing Big Tech and much much more!

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Sources For Stories:

Joe Biden Wants To Go Door To Door

  • Joe Biden Announced his plan to further vaccination (Washington Post)

  • Arizona Attorney General Sent a letter to Biden condemning this: (The Hill)

  • Here's the letter (Scribd)

  • Warrantless access to someone's medical records are unconstitutional (ACLU)

The Best Post Of The Year

Republicans Are NOT The Ones Defunding The Police

  • Jen Psaki said this in a press conference to other day CLIP Real Clear Politics

  • Brian Cohen tweeted “Republicans’ biggest outrages right now: Critical race theory — which isn’t taught in K-12. Gas prices — which are at the same levels they were before COVID. Defund the police — which only Republicans have voted to do. Just a completely empty party built on lies.”

  • The gas prices in 2019 was $2.698 (average per gallon) (USA Inflation Calculator)

  • It is now currently at $3.137 a Gallon (AAA)

  • Jemhu Claimed that Republicans “are the part of defund the police” Twitter

  • Illhan Omar tweeted “The "defund the police" movement, is one of reimagining the current police system to build an entity that does not violate us, while relocating funds to invest in community services. Let’s be clear, the people who now oppose this, have always opposed calls for systematic change” (Twitter)

  • Rashida Talib tweeted “When we say #DefundPolice, what we mean is people are dying and we need to invest in people's livelihoods instead. EXAMPLE: Detroit spent $294 million on police last year, and $9 million on health. This is systemic oppression in numbers.” (Twitter)

  • AOC Tweeted “It truly boggles my mind how anyone can see a $6 billion policing budget in ONE city alone - which is more than we spend on health, youth, housing, and homelessness services here *combined* - and say, “You know what will fix police brutality? More money” (Twitter)

  • Austin’s Mayor, Steve Adler (D) cut 153 MILLION dollars of funding from the police. (The Guardian)

  • Fund were “relocated” to Abortion Services ($250k), Violence Prevention ($2M), Equity Office ($2M) and Much More (Gergorio Cesear)

  • New York City cut $837 Million dollars from the NYPD budget (New York City Council)

  • Lori lightfoot proposed to cut $80M from the police budget (Injustice Watch)

  • Factcheck.org said it was false

  • Washington Post gave the claim 3 pinocchios

  • Support for defunding the police is 34% (Five Thirty Eight)

  • The disapproval rating for Joe Biden is getting higher, raising 8 percent since January (Five Thirty Eight)


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