109. Don't Listen To The Public Health Experts! There A Bunch Of Liars!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Today I am alone in the studio as I talk about how the Public health experts are lying to you once again. Also, I talk about how we need to stop relying on big daddy government because that's how we lose freedom. The drummer for slipknot dies sadly and we talk about his legacy for drumming. And lastly, I take the political compass test!

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Sources For The Show:

Joey Jordison Dies at Age 46: BBC

Broadway to Require Confirmed Vaccine: The Patriotic Youth

They Are Bringing The COVID Panic Back

  • The CDC wants you to mask up again EVEN if you are vaccinated (CDC)

  • The argument they make is that vaccinated people can still spread it to unvaccinated

  • Everyone who is over the age of 12 can get vaccinated (CDC)

  • Only 109 kids under 13 have died of COVID (CDC)

  • That is out of 754,030 people who got it (CDC)

  • Dr. Fauci said that the vaccines don’t work for the Delta variant CBS News

  • More cities and states are instating mask mandates including DC, San Francisco, Louisiana (Fox News, Washington Post, ABC 7, Fox News)

  • Mayor Bowser of DC officiated a wedding with NO masks AFTER the mask mandate went into effect Fox5

  • People need to stop listening because this is no longer about safety

  • The 7 day rolling average right now is 362 deaths and at the height of this thing 3,341 (The New York Times)

  • The Problem is the people WILL not resist. The people want the government to tell you what to do Fox News