112. Alex Jones WAS Right! They ARE Experimenting On Aborted Fetuses! #defundplannedparenthood

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Today Producer Kaden is temporarily replaced with some new co-hosts Kayden and Grayson. Join us as we discuss the disgusting fact that they are experimenting with aborted fetuses UP to 42 weeks old! #defundplannedparenthood Also, Obama is a hypocrite and throws himself a massive 60th birthday party, during a worldwide pandemic. We debunk the claim that Trump is guilty of January 6th and students at the University of Wisconsin are offended by a racist rock.

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LA Dodgers Ball Girl Takes Down Streaker

STUPIDEST PERSON OF THE DAY: Students Of University Of Wisconsin

  • The University of Wisconsin has removed a 70-ton boulder from its Madison campus at the request of minority students who viewed the rock which was referred to by a slur for blacks as a symbol of racism. (The New York Post)

  • The rock was named after Thomas Crowder Chamberlin

  • It cost $50,000 dollars to remove!

  • A local resident (Kenneth Owens) said “It’s not the rock’s fault that it got that terrible and unfortunate nickname. But the fact that it’s … being moved shows that the world is getting a little better today.”

  • The Nickname that they are referring to was used only ONE time. That name was “N-word rock”

Obama's Big 60th Birthday Party!

Alex Jones WAS Right! They ARE Experimenting On Aborted Fetuses!

  • Alex Jones in 2019 was on The Joe Rogan Experience and he went on this rant (Youtube)

  • Turns out Alex Jones might have been right!

  • According to documents, Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh received at least $2.7 million in federal funds to study fetal organs

  • They tried to get half their samples from the aborted babies of minorities (National Review)

  • They have been doing research since 2015!

DEBUNKING: Trump Is NOT Guilty For What Happened On January 6th

  • #TrumpIsGUILTY was trending on Twitter, let's look at some of the Blue Check Marks

  • Mark Judson, Someone running for office said “The fact that Trump** thinks that we found out about his Russian Collusion by spying on Trump** Tower in 2016, tells us ALL that he DID IN FACT discuss his Russian Collusion in Trump** Tower in 2016! His accusation is an admission of his guilt." (Twitter)

  • The Mueller Report found that there was no reason they could criminally charge him (Justice.gov)

  • Media’s Touch tweeted this video “#TrumpIsGUILTY and must be indicted.” They had this video as well Twitter

  • The video is selectively edited and leaves out the fact the Trump said march over there “peacefully and patriotically” (USA Today)

  • Brandenburg V Ohio ruled “speech can be prohibited if it is "directed at inciting or producing imminent lawless action” (Oyez)

Asa Hutchins says he regrets "banning mask mandates"

Chris Cuomo banned from covering his brother's harassment scandal, CNN colleague says

According to Axios:

  • Cuomo’s younger brother Chris Cuomo, who is a reporter for CNN is not being allowed to cover his brother’s harassment scandal

  • Chris was not allowed to participate in sharing the story due to his involvement in the case

  • Chris had consulted his brother when the allegations first arose

  • CNN may have kept him off the air due to the bias Chris most likely would present