114. California SUCKS! Let Me Tell You Why! - Show Notes

Today Kayden, Grayson, and I discuss why California sucks after Governor Newsome complains about everyone "b@#$%ing about California." Also, the media turns on Andrew Cuomo after they declared themselves "Cuomo-sexual." Now they're Cuomo Sexually harassed. Chet Hanks goes Viral in a video of him ranting about Vaccines and masks, and he brings up some good points. Last but not least, Robin is now a member of the LGBTQ Community.

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Sources For Today's Stories:

Florida man who killed mother and toddler develops bizarre social media following

  • Florida man is back yet again, and this time he’s got a Mustang and a ton of followers

  • The 21 y/o Florida street racer who is being charged for vehicular manslaughter has gained hundreds of followers who claim he should have a reduced sentence

  • The man, Cameron Herrin, killed a mother and her 20-month old daughter, and will likely serve 24 years in prison

  • His followers on social media sites have been using the hashtag "justice for Cameron” and have been making post saying that he is “too cute” for prison

  • Cameron has amassed a total of 2 million followers on TikTok (Fox News)


  • The Robin, known as Tim Drake, just came out as Bi Sexual (NBC News)

Megan Rapinoe Is Getting Dropped By Subway

  • Olympic Athlete Megan Rapinoe may lose her spot in many of Subways ads after a controversy during the Olympics

  • The controversy was started when Rapinoe kneeled for the BLM movement during the anthem

  • Many Americans such as Donald Trump called out Rapinoe's actions, claiming they were too “woke” for the Olympics (SportBible)

What Is Wrong With California?

  • Gavin Newsome said this in an interview with the Sacramento Bee Twitter

  • 8 of the 10 most costly wildfires in the U.S. have occurred in California (III.org)

  • In 2020 276,798 Acres were burned by wildfires (fire.ca.gov)

  • It is not because of global warming because California doesn’t want to do more Controlled burns (ARS Technica)

  • Controlled burning helps prevent massive wildlife fires (National Geographic):

  • California's Price of the Living score is 149.9 compared to the US average which is 100. (Bestpleaces.net)

  • The Average California Gas price is $4.393 per gallon compared to the US average which is $3.185 (AAA)

  • The Minimum Wage in California is 14 Dollars an Hour (JD Supra)

  • While the Minimum wage goes up, the unemployment rate goes up (Economic Research)

  • California attacks the second amendment by not having a concealed carry, only 10 rounds per magazine, and so-called “ghost guns” are illegal (Shouse Law)

British DJ sparks outrage after calling K-Pop fans ‘suspicious’

  • A popular British Dj named Mat Zo received lots of backlash after he called BTS fans “suspicious.”

  • The DJ claimed that they were few BTS fans and that there are “corporations” pushing BTS for popularity

  • In layman's terms, the DJ theorized that BTS fans did not exist and big corporations used bots to make it seem like BTS exists (Yahoo News)

The Media Has Now Turned On Andrew Cuomo

  • Here is Stephen Colbert talking about the Cuomo resignation Youtube

  • Here is what our news media used to say Twitter

  • Trevor Noah said that he was a “Cuomo sexual” YouTube

Chet Hanks Viral “Anti Vax Video”