115. People Are Going To Disagree With You, Welcome To Real Life! - Show Notes

Hey guys! We’re back from the week-long break to talk about something that happened to me this weekend. I lost a friend because I think differently than her. Today Grayson, Producer Kaden and I discuss why the left cannot be friends with conservatives, even when conservatives keep reaching out. The UK has “pride cop cars,“ which of course we will make fun of. Also, the New Zealand Prime Minister wants to lock down till the end of time and Corey Taylor from Slipknot gets COVID.

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Sources For Stories

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Tests Positive For COVID-19

  • After testing positive for COVID-19, Slipknot’s Cory Taylor says that he is, “‘Very, very sick’”

  • Because of this, he called off his upcoming appearance at a pop culture convention in Michigan

  • He assured fans that he will be okay and that because he is vaccinated, he will pull through. (Yahoo Entertainment)

STUPIDEST PERSON OF THE DAY: All Of New Zealand And Australia

  • New Zealand is extending its lockdown due to Delta Variant (Business Insider)

  • They are sending people to quarantining facilities (health.govt.nz)

  • New Zealand has had a total of 26 deaths from this virus, and haven’t had one since February 15th (JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data)

  • Why doesn’t New Zealand have to lockdown?

  • 18 People Per KM2 (World O Meter) which compared to NYC is 27,000 people per square mile (www1.nyc.gov)

  • The Median age in New Zealand is 31.7 Years Old (superseniors.msd.govt.nz) compared to Florida which is 42 Years Old (United States Census)

  • Australia Kills Puppies Because Of COVID (USA Today)

  • In Australia, you cannot drink outside, because you are not allowed to take off your mask Twitter

  • You are not allowed to talk in public in Australia Twitter

Rainbow Police Cars

  • In order to, “Give confidence to our LGBT+ community,” the UK police force is starting to paint rainbows on their police cars

  • Critics say that the police force should be focusing on the real problems and issues in the UK

  • Others say that it is a boost of confidence for the LGBT+ community (Daily Mail)