122. Rest In Piece Norm Macdonald, Your Comedy Will Live On Forever - Show Notes

Today on The Youth Of The Nation I am alone. And also sad because Norm Macdonald has passed away, and we are going to luck at his amazing comedy, and why he was so great. Also, I talk about how our culture is just full of degeneracy and no talent anymore. Joe Biden is also in trouble because of Afghanistan and we also discuss how much of a mess Afghanistan is. And finally, Dr. Fauci gets "Sexiest Man Alive!" What is wrong with our society!!!

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  • After Biden’s cowardly retreat, the Taliban has shown just how incompetent Biden is

  • Leaders of the Taliban got into a massive brawl last week, showing just how terrible the Taliban truly is

  • The fight broke out after the leaders had gotten into a fight over who had contributed most to their victory

  • Not much is known about the result of the fight, however, there are rumors that Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was killed in the fight (Yahoo News)

Afghanistan Is In Ruins

  • Afghanistan is left in ruins after Biden’s idiotic recall

  • Women on the streets now must cover all parts of their body, except their eyes

  • Women are beaten if they do not follow the Taliban’s instructions

  • Famine grips the country as 11 million families struggle for food

  • The U.N. has done very little to address the human rights crisis

  • According to Yahoo News “The outgoing government's ambassador to the United Nations has raised concerns about human rights violations in the last province where the Taliban are trying to win control.” (Yahoo News)

Joe Biden In Boise Idaho, People Don’t Like Biden

  • Joe Biden visited Boise on Monday, and the people of Idaho were not happy!

  • First off over 1,000 protesters met Biden (Associated Press)

  • People are shouting “F!@K Joe Biden” at sporting events (The Sun and YouTube)

  • People are also openly confronting him Tik Tok

  • It is getting to Joe Biden YouTube

Norm McDonald has sadly died

  • Norm MacDonald has sadly died at age 61 (Deadline)

  • Norm got in trouble for a bill Clinton murder joke on the View YouTube

  • Norm was told not to make OJ Simpson Joke, But yet he did (YouTube and Twitter)

The Recall Is Shot Down

  • Gavin Newsome did not get recalled, winning by a 30 point margin. (Associated Press)

  • This is what Gavin Newsome said in response to his win YouTube

Our Culture Of Degeneracy

  • Lil Nas X famous video Montero, where he gives a lap dance to Satan (Page Six)

  • His video won video of the year at the VMA (CNN)

  • His reaction was tweeting “VIDEO OF THE YEAR AHHHHH SUCK MY C**K AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” (Twitter)

  • Normani (who is an artist of some sort) humped someone in bondage (Twitter)

  • Madonna was completely degenerate by wearing gross skimpy outfits (New York Post)

Dr. Fauci is the “Sexiest Man Alive?”

  • The guardian made a post on Instagram calling Fauci the “sexiest man alive” (Instagram and New York Post)

  • The post also stated, “The US diseases expert has been spoofed by Brad Pitt and lauded as the ‘sexiest man alive.”