123. Everything They Accused Trump Of, Biden Is DOING! - Show Notes

Today on the show we discuss how everything the Democrats accused Trump of, Biden is doing! We will also discuss how AOC's dress designer owes thousands of dollars in taxes and we debunk the media claims about the Justice J6 rally.

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AOC’s Dress Designer Owes A TON In Taxes

Everything They Have Accused Trump Of, Biden Has Done!

  • They tried to Impeach over the Ukraine scandal. He colluded with Ukraine for his own personal gain. (BBC and NPR)

  • Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son) worked with Ukraine and made shady business deals. Also, Joe Biden got a cut (they referred to him as “the Big Guy”) (BBC and Reuters)

  • They accused Trump of being in Metal decline (CNN, Yahoo News, and The Trump Research Project)

  • Barack Obama's former doctor is “worried about Joe Biden's mental health” (Inquisitr)

  • Joe Biden’s Gaffes YouTube

  • They accused Trump of being a fascist. (The Sacramento Bee, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, and VOX)

  • Biden has done two unconstitutional things including the eviction moratorium and the vaccine mandate. (NPR and Patch)

Death Rate Higher Than 1918 Flu?

  • According to Johns Hopkins University, more people have died from Covid-19 than the 1918 flu. (CNN)

  • 675,000 people supposedly died with each flu, with only a few more now.

  • U.S. population in 1918: 103 million

  • U.S. population in 2021: 333 million

  • False Covid deaths and cases have been suspect, so the chances of these statistics being true are low. (CDC)

  • Keep in mind that this is only 0.5% of the population. (WBNS Article)

  • 1.52% died during the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Justice For J6 Rally, Was It A Violent Riot?

  • The Justice For January 6th was (according to Wikipedia) “The Justice for J6 rally was a right-wing pro-Donald Trump demonstration that occurred on September 18, 2021, in support of hundreds of people who were arrested and charged following the United States Capitol attack”

  • The media made some ABSURD claims:

  • NBC claimed 4 people were arrested.

  • One guy detained was actually an undercover cop. Twitter

  • The Media said it would be “violent” and law enforcement needed to prepare for violence (Washington Post and CBS)

  • The ORGANIZER told everyone to be peaceful. Twitter

  • Almost no one showed up and no violence broke out! (Washington Post)

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