128. America Is The GREATEST Country On The Face Of The Earth! Here's Why! - Show Notes

Today on the show we want to arm you with arguments to explain to people why America is the greatest country in the world. This is in response to a question that we got from a listener in Las Vegas. Also, we discuss the death of a "healthy" 10-year-old girl who has died from COVID-19. Is this just another media scare tactic? Also, Cenk Uygur thinks he could beat up Joe Rogan and we have an exclusive excerpt of Dr. Suesses new book, "How The Fauci Stole Christmas"

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Why Is America The Greatest Country In The World?

  • The Second Amendment

  • Only 3 countries have a constitutional right to bear arms. Mexico, Guatemala, and the US. (Business Insider)

  • Guatemala has banned Automatic weapons, most semi-automatic weapons, and handguns. (Gun Policy)

  • Semi-automatic guns account for 50% of all guns (NRA)

  • Mexico has only 1 gun store (LA Times)

  • In Mexico, you can only own one firearm that is low caliber. (Mexperience)

  • Why do we have a second amendment? Here’s what our founding fathers said.

  • “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” - Thomas Jefferson (The Jefferson Monticello)

  • “When a nation mistrusts its citizens with guns it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans.” - Geroge Washington (Mount Vernon)

  • When has this happened in history?

  • Hugo Chavez banned guns in Venezuela, before taking it over. (BBC)

  • Venezuelan dictators were able to then kill 163 peaceful protesters in one sitting (Observatorio)

  • The Nazi’s disarmed the Jews (independent.org)

  • The Communists in the USSR took guns away from anyone they disagreed with but kept guns for themselves. (Mises Institute)

  • The First Amendment:

  • We are the only country that has freedom of speech that is untouchable for now.

  • Canada has Hate Speech laws that get people arrested for saying things that offend others. (FSU Law Review)

  • Comedian Mike Ward was put up on the highest court for a joke about a make-a-wish kid. He was fined $40,000. (BBC)

  • The UK also has hate speech laws (Index On Censorship)

  • Canadian pastors are ARRESTED for holding church service (Yahoo News)

New Drug To Battle COVID-19

  • Merck just announced its new COVID-19 pill, Molnupiravir, that reduces hospitalizations and deaths by half. (Associated Press, Merck, and National Geographic)

  • Last March, Pfizer also announced an antiviral treatment drug called PF-07321332. (Pfizer)

  • It is a possibility that this is another version of Ivermectin. Both are protease enhancers. (PubMed)

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