134. Kyle Rittenhouse Is COMPLETELY Innocent! Also the FBI Is Corrupt! #freekyle - Show Notes

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Today on the show Producer Kaden and I discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and why he should not be convicted. We also discuss FBI corruption and how it can start to hurt everyday Americans. Also, we talk about what Republicans can learn from the Virginia election and Kyle' Warner, a pro Mountain Biker loses his career because of the vaccine, and will never be able to bike again.

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Kyle Warner’s MTB Career Ruined By Vaccine

  • 29 year old Idaho mountain biker Kyle Warner’s career has been destroyed by adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccine.

  • 2 weeks after his Second shot Kyle Warner started having elevated heart rate.

  • A cardiologist diagnosed him with pericarditis which is an inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. (National Daily Newspaper)

  • Here is Kyle Warner speaking in front of Congress Instagram

  • The CDC has acknowledged the fact that this can occur saying:

  • “Cases of myocarditis reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System external icon have occurred: After mRNA COVID-19 vaccination especially in male adolescents and young adults, More often after the second dose Usually within several days after vaccination” (CDC)

Pfizer CEO Says People Who Spread Misinformation Are Criminals

  • Pfizer CEO Albert Borla said that people who spread misinformation are criminals. Twitter

  • Pfizer is a fan of false claims themselves (Violation Tracker)

  • 2016: Fined $784 Million for breaking the False Claims Act

  • 2016: Fined $371 Million for breaking the False Claims Act

  • 2019: $41 Million for breaking the False Claims Act


  • Joe Biden fell asleep at the COP26 conference and an aid had to wake him up. Twitter

  • According to Techno Trendz “The word around Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a bit of an “bathroom accident” at the Vatican & it had to be addressed prior to him leaving.”

  • Apparently Joe Biden farted in front of the Duchess of Cornwall at COP26 (Olean Times Herald)

Virginia Election: What Can Republican’s Learn?

  • Glen Youngkin won the election in Virginia against Terry McAuliffe. Key takeaways:

  • Chesapeake and Montgomery were flipped. (CNN and NBC)

  • Chesapeake: Trump 2020: 45.8% Youngkin 2021: 52.7%

  • Montgomery: Trump 2020: 45.8% Youngkin 2021: 52.3%

  • Key Demographics were changed (Washington Post):

  • WOMEN: Youngkin: 47% Vs Trump 2020: 38%

  • INDEPENDENT VOTERS: Youngkin: 57% Vs Trump 2020: 38%

  • WOMEN WITH CHILDREN: ​​Youngkin: 46% Vs Trump 2020: 43%

  • This isn’t the only election that the Dems lost:

  • A republican trucker Edward Durr beat a Democratic leader Steve Sweeney (NBC Philadelphia)

  • Durr only spent $153 on his campaign and $66.64 was on Dunkin Donuts (NBC Philadelphia)

  • Why did the democrats lose so hard?

  • Parents should have at least some say in what their children are taught, according to 84 percent of Virginians. (CBS)

  • In Loudoun county Virginia, parents were angry about the school covering up a rape in a high school bathroom. (Fox News and WJLA)


  • As part of the Durham investigation, Igor Danchenko was indicted last week. (New York Times)

  • Danchenko was charged with five counts of lying to the FBI about the Steele Dossier's sources.

  • In 2009, the FBI examined Danchenko on suspicion of being a Russian agent.

  • This was while he was at the Brookings Institution, where he met Fiona Hill, who would later become a member of Trump's National Security Council.

  • The FISA warrants used against Carter Page were were obtained on Danchenko's allegations.

  • The FBI got the warrants BEFORE interviewing Danchenko (New York Post)

  • The FBI has failed TOO MANY TIMES!

  • For 17 months, McKayla Maroney's evidence against Larry Nassar was ignored allowing Larry Nassar to sexually abuse another 40 girls, bringing the total number of victims to 156. (Associated Press, New York Post and The Sun)

  • The Parkland shooter had been reported to the FBI five months before to the shooting, but the tip was not forwarded to the Miami Bureau. (FBI)

  • The FBI interviewed the Boston bomber in 2011, two years before the bombing. (Boston Globe)

  • They spent ten months investigating the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter before concluding he was not a threat. (LA Times)

  • The FBI has been doing more crimes than stopping!

  • The FBI started the plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer and there were MORE FBI agents than the militia men! (Buzzfeed)

  • The only person who was arrested at the Justice For J6 “riot” was a federal officer! (The Independent)

Colin Kapernick Compares The NFL To Slavery

  • Colin Kapernick in his new Netflix special compared the NFL to slavery. Rumble

  • NFL players have an average salary of $20 Million a season. (AS)

  • Fun Fact: Slaves Were Not Paid AT ALL! (Monticello)

  • Also, If the NFL is slavery, why does Colin Kapernick want to be in the NFL? Here are some headlines:

  • Colin Kaepernick talks about new show, desire to play in NFL again in rare interview. (Yahoo News)

  • Colin Kaepernick is reportedly still determined to play in the NFL, and the calls for a comeback are growing louder. (Insider)

  • Colin Kaepernick says he's still training 5-6 days a week in hopes of NFL comeback. (CBS News)

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Kyle Is COMPLETELY Innocent

  • The first thing is let’s figure out who the people Kyle Shot are:

  • Joseph Rosenbaum

  • Sexually abused kids including anally RAPING a kid. (Wisconsin Right Now)

  • Rosembaum was even violent in prison, assaulting staff, arson, possession of drugs, possessing and making weapons, ect. (Inmate Data Search)

  • He used the N-Word at the BLM riot. New York Post

  • He was just released from a mental hospital due to a suicide attempt. (ABC News)

  • Rosenbaum was SEVERELY mentally ill, he had Bi-Polar disorder. (Kenosha News)

  • He yelled “F**K YOU” as he reached for Kyle’s gun. (CBS News)

  • The prosecutor's witness Richie Miguiness confirmed this. Twitter

  • He was armed with a chain! Which can hurt someone very easily! (Wisconsin Right Now)

  • Anthony Huber

  • Anthony Huber had SIX counts of battery and domestic abuse! (WCCA)

  • He tried to hit Kyle Rittenhouse with the trucks of a skateboard. (AP News)

  • Gaige Grosskreutz

  • Was in possession of a firearm despite the media's claims. IMAGES: Twitter, Twitter, Twitter

  • He admitted to pointing the firearm at Kyle Twitter

  • He was also convicted of having a firearm while intoxicated. (Wisconsin Right Now)

  • They all were in the middle of burning a dumpster and pushing it towards a gas station. YouTube

  • Kyle Tried to put that fire OUT with a fire extinguisher. YouTube

  • One of the witnesses testified that Rosenbaum threatened to kill Kyle Rittenhouse. Twitter

  • Kyle ONLY Shot AFTER Someone shot a gun behind him! (Cardinal News)

  • Why was Kyle there?

  • Kyle Rittenhouse worked as a lifeguard in kenosha wisconsin even though he lived in Illinois. He was there to clean up graffiti at a high school. (Cardinal New)

  • Kyle was then asked by the owner of Car Source to protect his business.

  • Kyle had a med kit and was helping people who were injured! (New York Times)

  • CLAIM: Kyle Rittenhouse’s gun crossed state line.

  • Rittenhouse got the gun from a friend in Wisconsin. (NPR) It was purchased by a friend for Rittenhouse but it had to stay at his family farm. This is according to the prosecution. ABC7 Chicago

  • The key part is that Kyle did not own the gun! You can legally do this AS LONG as it is not kept in the possession of the minor AND it must be a long barreled gun! (NBC)

  • BREAKING: Rittenhouse Judge tells Prosecution to stop breaking the constitution. Twitter

  • Kyle Rittenhouse broke down on the stand when testifying. Twitter