143. Live Fact Checking! Biden's State Of The Union - Show Notes

Uh oh! Joe Biden's speaking at his State Of The Union! What will happen? Will he crap his pants? Will Kamala cackle then assassinate Joe? Will Nancy Pelosi look like a monkey? Well we know the answer to one of those questions! Also we take your chats and calls and we watch some horrible woke Tik Toks.

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  • Gas Prices have SKYROCKETED since president Biden took office.

  • In February 2021, the average price of gas was $2.54 a gallon. (YCharts)

  • As of today (3/1/22), the average gas price is $3.656 a gallon. (AAA)

  • This was caused by the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline, which he did on his first day. (USA Today)

  • Inflation:

  • In January of 2021, the inflation rate was 1.4%, in December of 2021, the inflation rate was 7.036% (Rate Flation)

  • Afghanistan:

  • Joe Biden withdrew the troops from Afghanistan in August (Wikipedia)

  • 13 troops were killed because of the withdrawal of the troops. (Washington Post)

  • The Taliban took over Afghanistan almost immediately after the withdrawal. (New York Times)

  • According to PBS, “Afghanistan is on the brink of mass starvation. Every single Afghan province is considered food-insecure or even in crisis; 23 million Afghans need food assistance; 8.7 million are nearing famine.”

  • COVID-19:

  • Biden said he would shut down the virus, not the economy. The Guardian

  • There were more COVID-19 deaths in 2021 when Biden was in office than in 2020 when Trump was. (Spectrum News NY1)


  • Biden shut down the Keystone pipelines taking away 10,400 jobs. (VOX and First Coast News)

  • We now rely a lot more on other countries for 37% of our oil. (Worldometer)