"82. No CDC You DON’T Tell Us What To Do" - Show Notes

82. No CDC You DON’T Tell Us What To Do

May 17, 2021

Today on the show we are finally live! We discuss Hamas and Israel, what is the history and what should the US do in the situation. Also we discuss the CDC telling us we can take our masks off, but why do we have to wait for their permission? Inflation Skyrockets as we spend more money than ever seen by man or God and Bill DeBlasio disgusts us while he eats Fries and Burgers like the disappointment he is. #CDC #DeBlasioThePig #StandWithIsreal

Sources for Stories

Bill DeBlasio Eats A Burger To Get Us Vaccinated

Woke Military Ads

Israel And Hamas Conflict (Still Working On All Sourcing Check Back Soon)

Inflation SKYROCKETS Under Biden

Racist Among Us Sign At School

Gretchen Whitmer Shuts Down Oil Pipeline

Teacher Berates Student About Not Wearing A Mask While EATING!