96. DEBUNKING Plus Sized Lies

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

96. DEBUNKING Plus Sized Lies

June 21, 2020

Producer Kaden leaves us for the week. We discuss everything that is wrong with the “fat pride” movement and how obesity is not good for you. The media is lying (yet again) about a homophobic car crash, but the driver was a part of the parade. A transgender BMXer who is going to be on Team USA in the olympics hates America and Marajuana is bad. Kermit the frog ends his life after he watches James Coordens new song.

Sources For Stories

Biden’s Dog Champ Dies

James Coorden Embarasses Himself With New Parody

Homophobic Pride Parade Acident WASN’T Homophobic

  • A driver slammed into the spectators of the Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride Parade (NPR)

  • Mayor Dean Trantalis told reporters on Saturday that it was a “terrorist attack” (Twitter)

  • The Twitter hashtag #DeathSantis trended for twelve hours (Daily Wire)

  • Justin Knight told news outlets that the driver and victims were a part of his group and that he understood it to be an accident, rather than a deliberate action. (Axios)

  • The 77-year-old driver was taken into custody, but police said no charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing. (Associated Press)

Debunking Plus Sized Lies

  • Victoria’s Secret replaces there angles with “what women want” (Market Watch)

  • They are replacing them with Megan Rapino (Yahoo News)

  • Megan Rapino's tweet said “@tasha_kai00 u look asian with those closed eyes!” (Daily Dot)

  • Victoria’s secret along with Adias are adding plus sized models (Adidas and WWD)

  • This video made the rounds last week saying “fatphobia” is rooted in racism (Tik Tok)

  • Diabetes kills 87,647 people a year (CDC)

  • An estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic (Obesity: Facts, Figures, Guidelines)

  • At least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese. (WHO)

The Media FINALLY Relizes Marujuana is BAD for You

Transgender BMX Freerider Says: “My Goal Is To Win The Olympics So I Can Burn A U.S. Flag On The Podium”

Transgender BMX rider for Team USA reportedly vowed to burn flag