Announcement: We Are Releasing A New Show

Hey Guys!

We are partnering up with a new conservative commentator Jackson Danforth to create "The Jackson Danforth Show"! Hosted by 14-year old political commentator Jackson Danforth, Jackson takes you through the news, politics, and more every Saturday!

Originally "The Conservative Teen", "The Jackson Danforth Show" will have the same elements listeners loved about that show and more! The first episode will air on September 4th, right after the 1 year anniversary of The Patriotic Youth!

Here's what people have said about The Jackson Danforth Show!

"I live in a town that is very non-conservative. It is hard for me because all my friends dis people who I look up to. This has made me feel that I am not alone in my political views. Thanks so much for making this!!"

We look forward to working with Jackson! Over the next few months to bring a show that people love! We are working on everything from promotion to new artwork and to new audio equipment, but we need your help! We need you to support us by going to and picking up some merchandise! That is the best way to support us!

Thank you to all who are helping us bring more conservative content to America from young conservative voices!