Kathy Hochul: Who is Replacing Cuomo? - Opinion

After many allegations against New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for sexual harassment, this widely acknowledged figure’s support suddenly dropped, becoming almost non-existent. While still fighting this legal battle, Mr. Cuomo officially resigned on Tuesday, August 10th. Two weeks from that date, he will be removed from office and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will be sworn in. She was not widely known until now, so here is a brief summary of her life and career.

Currently, she is the 77th Lieutenant Governor of New York and was born and raised in Buffalo. She was always an activist fighting for women’s rights and the LGBTQ+ community. She started her political career as an aide to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and continued to become a member of her town board and as a Member of Congress.

Now, as a Lieutenant Governor, she continues to fight for movements like the $15 Minimum wage, paid family leave, and LGBTQ+ equality. According to her website, she has always believed in being a voice to the voiceless. These “voiceless” groups include women, LGBTQ+ groups, and domestic violence victims.

When she comes into power in less than two weeks, she will likely continue on the same path Cuomo started, enforcing the same policies. One of the first things she talked about was how important it is to enforce masks in schools. (Tyler and Kaden successfully refuted this last week in The Youth of the Nation Episode 111). Unfortunately, not much will change when the first female New York governor is sworn in. Hopefully, though, she will make better decisions than her predecessor.

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