Make Abortion Illegal - Politically Insane Episode 3 Show Notes

On today's episode of Politically Insane, we make our case against abortion going through some popular abortion arguments while arguing against them. Ohio pays a child sex offender $17.5M in a lawsuit. State Farm makes a statement on how they view all that is going on around one of their biggest ambassadors, Aaron Rogers, as he announces that he didn’t get the vaccine. And we follow up on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial as he gives his testimony.

Make Abortion Illegal:

  • Typical pro-abortion arguments -

  • Survey done -

  • Great article addressing pro-abortion arguments -

Child Sex Offender Wins Lawsuit Worth $17.5M:

Aaron Rodgers & State Farm:

Rittenhouse Gives Testimony:

  • Daily Wire article showing media bias

  • Kyle Rittenhouse suffers panic attack on stand - Watch Video

  • Daily Wire article about Rittenhouse trial -

  • Article Showing Rosenbaum and Huber’s Criminal Records -