OPINION: America Needs To Stop Counting On Big Daddy Government To Save Them

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I think there is one thing that we can all agree on as a country. 2020 sucked. It was unprecedented, no one expected what happened, right? Now when I say this obviously I am aware that we have had crazy pandemics. We had influenza in 1918 and the black death in 1346. We’ve had many more deadly pandemics, way worse than this. The difference in this one was how much power we gave the government.

Anytime there is a crisis politicians and our government try to take advantage of it. The Earth is getting hotter, so we need to spend 12 trillion dollars. Another person shot up a school, give us your guns. This is how every totalitarian regime takes over. Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to jail up dissidents (mostly the communists.) Well our government followed the same totalitarian play book used by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Chavez, Castro, Robespierre, and Mussolini. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Our government locked us down. Some states only for a month, others for fifteen months. They said it was because of COVID-19. Now we have a vaccine which they say is safe and effective, while also claiming everyone needs a mask up, including the vaccine. These two statements contradict each other. Either the vaccine works and we don't need to wear a mask, or the vaccine doesn’t work so we shouldn’t get it. That has been the problem, the people in power don’t know what they are doing. Now that in mind, enter representative Cori Bush.

According to Axios, Representative Cori Push is not very happy that the Federal Eviction Ban is going to end. Now first things first, we wouldn’t need an eviction ban if the Democrats didn’t lock us down of course. Everyone would still be able to pay rent. It is because of a massive unemployment spike (caused by lockdowns) that we needed it. Now you could have debated during the lockdowns that we might need it, but as of now we definitely don’t need it. That's the crazy part, everyone can get a job, but people don’t want to get one! “Why” you ask, the government is paying people to stay home. That's what happens when you are on welfare. According to Oxford, welfare is HIGHLY addictive.

Right now COVID is dying down. Yes, cases are up, but deaths are way down. That's what we need to focus on. If people aren’t dying from it there is no reason to lockdown. There is no reason for people not to work. But Rep. Cori Bush insists we still need it. Why? Because she wants us dependent on the government. That's how she gets elected. Think about this, who always won class president? It was always the kid who promised free cookies and extra recess, never the kid who was gonna make school lunch healthy, or homework harder. The Democrats are the ones who are promising free stuff. That's one of the reasons they get elected.

We don’t want people who need their sugar daddy government to give them enormous amounts of money. This is America, land of the free, home of the brave. America was founded on having a small government. A government that feeds the people is not the government we should have in America. That is a danger to our freedom. This is called a social contract, it is something created during the age of enlightenment. It is where you give up some of your freedom for comfort and safety. You give the government your guns to stop shootings (which actually still doesn’t keep you safe.) You let the government lock you in your home, shut down your business, and mask you up to keep you safe. This is a treat to our freedom.

Don’t settle for comfort and safety. There is a fitness program called 75 Hard. It's a 75 day fitness program that is designed to keep you uncomfortable. Americans need to be okay with being uncomfortable. What makes the American people special is the resilience we have. I know getting up at 8 so you can work a 9 to 5 is hard. I’ve done it. Push through it. It will be worth it. The harder you work now, the harder you push through the tough times, the more reward you will get. It might not be immediate, but it will happen. Don’t rely on big daddy government to keep you safe and comfortable. Don’t give up your freedom for something that's easier. It’s easy to stay at home and let the government pay you. It's easier not to have to pay rent. Push through it.

Don’t let the Democrats fool you into trading ease and comfort in for freedom. This is not the Soviet Union. This is not Communist China. This is not Cuba, or Venezuela. This is not a communist country, nor is it socialist. This is the United States of America, the freest country on the Earth. It’s time we started acting like it was.