OPINION: Is There A Chance For Unity In America?

This Friday, Producer Kaden, Other Kayden, and a few other bodies went to a Seether concert. Now for those of you who don’t know who Seether is, they are an amazing hard rock band. Now, why do I bring this up? As I watched people slam into each other in the mash pit, I saw something beautiful. Not the 30-year-old men smoking weed and cigarettes in front of me, but I saw unity.

There's a bunch of different things that were amazing. The first was the National Anthem. Now for the last few years, we have seen bratty athletes “bravely“ protest American racism, sexism, and oppression. Now all these athletes who claimed to be oppressed then go home to their million-dollar mansions.

During the National Anthem, the Navy Parachute team the Leap Frogs parachuted down, the last one had the American flag attached to his back. As another Navy officer (I’m sorry I forget his name) sang the national anthem, there was no kneeling, instead, the crowd sang the Anthem proudly. Now after the anthem, one of the greatest moments I have seen in a while. As the paratrooper with the American flag descended, everyone started shouting “USA, USA, USA.“

Now here’s another moment at the concert that I realized there was a chance for unity. There was a diverse population of people. There were people like my friend who wore a polo, to people with dyed hair and spiky collars. There were people with pro-second amendment shirts to people with BLM shirts. Now with this in mind, imagine someone with a Planned Parenthood badge on his hat, and a person with a confederate flag patch on his jacket fighting in the mosh pit during “Country Song.“ Then after the song ended and the guitar's feedback rang throughout the venue, they both gave each other hugs.

This moment I realized, politics doesn’t matter to normal people. Most normal people want freedom and liberty. Most people want to be friends. Most people want to be an American. So why is there so much division?

Our elites. That’s the answer. They want division. As I have been saying all week long when you have division you can get power, money, and control. That’s what the elites want.

So how do they get power, money, and control with division? They get power and control because they can pose as the solution. “The Republicans are racist, vote for the Democrats.“ That's how they get power. There is also money in division. Take someone like Robin DeAngelo. She goes to a corporation, instills racial division in a company. Then to fix the racism, you hire her again. That’s why the politicians and the media want to divide us, whether it is race, class, sex, sexuality, etc. These are things that don’t matter.

At the concert, we will all were Seether fans. We could unite over the fact that Seether was a good band, nothing else mattered. It didn't matter if you were white, black, Latino, Asian. It didn’t matter if you were Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Authoritarian, etc. We could all get along. America needs this.

What can America unite on? Now things like the American flag are sadly a “sign of division.“ It shouldn’t be, because it is the symbol of the greatest country in the world. We can’t unite over our history. Yes, there were wrongdoings in America’s history, but I doubt you’re perfect. I bet you have lied. I bet you have sinned. That's the same with America, there are mistakes in American history, but that is in every country’s history.

Now, what should we unite on? We are all Americans. We live in the greatest, freest, and most beautiful country in the world. We live in a country where so many cultures, ideas, religions, etc. clash and mix to bring out more ideas. America is the greatest country, and Americans need to realize this. We can unite over the gratitude of being an American.

Tyler is the host of The Youth Of The Nation and the founder of The Patriotic Youth. All views expressed in this piece are the views of the author and the author only.