Press Release: Politically Insane And The Patriotic Youth Are Parting Ways

In 2021, we announced that we were working with Josh Mahler, a former podcast host, to bring back his podcast Politically Insane. After helping him get started and grow, including starting his "Late Night Show." Sadly we now have to announce that Politically Insane will be leaving The Patriotic Youth Podcast Network.

There were no issues between Josh Mahler and The Patriotic Youth, but instead Josh has been offered better opportunities with another network. We are not allowed to announce who he will be working with in the future, but that will be announced soon.

We are removing Politically Insane merchandise from the shop as of now, as well as Josh's promo code. We are removing his podcast page as well, but if you want to check out his podcast, you can go to for more information.

We enjoyed working with Josh over the few months hew was with us, and are continuing to work with Josh. We wish Josh luck in the future as he goes to do better and greater things.